Words unspoken, Words unread!

Why did he hit me?

I cry, I hurt, I hunger. Gone to bed without my tea,
Done nothing wrong that I can think, so why did he hit me?
My Dad was not a violent man, though there's times he would get cross,
He'd have a drink and then he'd shout, just to show us he's the boss.

Okay, there's times I did do wrong and his hand I surely felt,
Or sometimes I would just come home, he'd be ready with his belt.
I cried, I sobbed, he did not care. at times I felt bereft,
And some years on it got too much, I had no tears left.

I'd stand there while he hit me, and then he'd just get worse,
He'd sometimes make my body bleed and then he'd spit and curse.
Then he'd always say he's sorry, he'd cry and take the shame,
And the next time he would have a drink, his acts were still the same.

I'm writing down these verses, even though it hurts to do,
I do not want another soul to feel what I went through.
They'll always say they're sorry, they'll always feel the shame,
But once they get their hands on you, it's you who takes the blame.

Just walk away and tell a friend or a teacher at your school,
Do not do what I have done and take it like a fool.
You do not have to take this hurt, this punishment they give.
I hope you r life is wonderful, however you choose to live.

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