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One would have to be dumb ... not to understand
that an orange seed won't produce the fruit of a plum.
The orange seed will produce the fruit of an orange.
Likewise, an apple seed can only produce an apple.
A seed can only produce its' likeness. This is simple,
nothing complicated. But, can you tell me from what
type of seed did amerikkka spring? amerikkka has sprung
from seeds of corruption and fruit doesn't
fall far from the tree!

The original and only True Americans were my
Mohawk, Apache, Navajo and other Native American
brothers who were soon to discovered that for
melanated people ... whites were no lovers. The
real Americans exhibited kindness by extending a
helping hand but the europeans paid them back by
killing them and stealing their land. The bottom of
the barrel was this European trash; soon, to kidnap
Africans and sell them for cash. Keeping them in line
with leg-irons and the whip Crackers' lash. Same man,
same plan, same tactic just in a different land.

Not trying to rhyme but they say back in time ...
the british empire was so lofty and vast ...
that the sun never set or cast a shadow upon it.
For The Crown, its' Navy did sail the Seven Seas
unbound ... spreading oppressive malevolence and
disease all around. But, at home wanting to keep
the streets and society safe they had to clean
house from time to time by punishing those guilty
of crimes. Their jails were overflowing with the
robbers, prostitutes, the bankrupt and destitute.
What should be done with beings so crude?

America then Australia in addition to South Africa
became drop off zones and future homes for the
worst of european society. The british used
North America as a Prison Colony. Most notably,
the Province of Georgia was originally designed as
a penal colony. It is estimated that some 50,000
british convicts were banished to colonial America,
representing perhaps one-quarter of all british
emigrants during the eighteenth century.

Yes, amerikka started off as a prison inhabited by
the criminally insane. Their first national anthem
was written and performed by Cypress Hill,
" Insane in the membrane" and you wonder how
the amerikkkans could just "Kill A Man."A seed
can only produce its' likeness and fruit doesn't
fall far from the tree. This is the criminal pedigree,
of the founding fathers ... the founding frauds.

In 1788, eleven ships from the First Fleet of
the british Navy landed their 'cargo' of around 780
british convicts at Botany Bay Australia. Two
more convict fleets arrived in 1790 and 1791,
From 1788 to 1823, the Colony of New South Wales,
Australia was officially a prison colony inhabited by
convicts and their jailers. Same man, same plan,
same tactic just in a different land.

It has been said that the written history of
South Africa began on April 6, 1652, at the
Cape of Good Hope by Jan van Riebeeck on
behalf of the dutch East India Company.
great britain seized the Cape of Good Hope
area in 1797 during the Fourth anglo-dutch
War. The dutch declared bankruptcy, and the
british annexed the Cape Colony in 1805.
The british used South Africa as a Prison
Colony until it officially abolished slavery in
1833. The amerikkkans learned their tactics
of Imperialism from their mother known
as british jack the cross dressing Butch with
the Mick Jagger accent. Same man, same plan,
same tactic just in a different land.

Everywhere they went they did commit genocidal
massacres upon the indigenous populations, be
they in North America, Australia or South Africa.
They love killing folks.

But don't take this too personal. Don't be too
sensitive and start calling the white man a
Racist Murderer of Blacks. Because that would
simply not be true. He is a Multi cultural Murderer.

He will kill anyone anytime anywhere he can as
long he has the upper hand. He dropped
THE BOMB on Japan. Have you forgotten
Hiroshima and Nagasaki? When it comes to
murder he is a true proponent of Homicidal

He killed the Red Man and locked up those who
didn't die in Prison Concentration Camps known
as reservations. To this day and for generations
Native Americans have been born, matured and
died in Prisoner of War Camps. For them, do you
think the fourth of july should be a day
of celeration?

Hitler another european who hated himself and
other white people so much, he tried to kill every
white man on Earth. He killed the French, Russians,
amerikkkans, Poles, british, Africans, Arabs and
Jews. He was indeed a Multi Cultural Killer that
truly believed in Homicidal Diversity .

And like George Double U ... he was on a
social psychotic power trip and believed in
invading other Sovereign countries in
an effort to establish a new world order by
expanding his ... while decreasing other folks

See, white folks don't kill you because you're black
they kill you because it's ... simply their way. It's
what they do ... period! Multi Cultural Murderers
do not discriminate based on race. amerikkkan
presidents don't kill people because of color.
They kill people who think differently from them.

If you are a highly melanin endowed person that
has throughly immerse him or herself in
euro-amerikkkan mores, values and thoroughly
assimilated their culture and belief system you
are acceptable and may one day grow up to be
Kinda Sleeza Rice or some other high profile
NEGRO like supreme court injustice Uncle
Clarence Thomas.

So, please stop crying about the white man
hating you because you are black. Yes, he hates
you but it is because of the way you think.
If you think like one of his creation, a NEGRO,
he has no problem with you. Because, when
you start acting like a Nig he can lock you
away in prison and get five to ten years of free
labor from you. He believes in and needs free
laborers because he is too lazy to do for self.

When you think and act like Nat Turner,
Marcus Garvey, Brother Malcom, Huey P. Newton or
H. Rap Brown ... he'll wait for you to fall asleep,
sneak into your part of town ... wait until after dark ...
then Murder you like he did Fred Hampton and
Mark Clark.

Yes, many of Americas' first Melanin disadvantaged
population were convicted criminals who spawned
generation after generation of their felonious seed
into lands that they would come to dominate and
rule through implementation of lies, murder, theft,
trespassing, kidnaping, illegal land grabs,
false arrest, assault and battery just to mention a

It took a particular type of seed to accomplish such
deeds. The present day breed of international
gangsters, intercontinental bullies and
transcontinental mobbing and robbing thieves
owe their present day criminal behavior to their
patrilineal and matrilineal ancestral roots that
sprang from seeds of corruption. Fruit doesn't fall
far from the tree.

Abu Lateef


H. Rap Brown (born October 4, 1943) came to prominence in the 1960s as a civil rights worker, black activist, and the Minister of Justice for the Black Panther Party. He is perhaps most famous for his proclamation during that period that "violence is as amerikkkan as cherry pie", as well as once stating that "If America don't come around, we're gonna' burn it down!

His activism in the civil rights movement included involvement with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), of which he was named chairman in 1967.

That same year, he was arrested in Cambridge, Maryland, and charged with "inciting to riot" as a result of a fiery speech he gave there. He left the SNCC and joined the Black Panthers in 1968.

He appeared on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List after avoiding trial on charges of inciting riot and of carrying a gun across state lines. He was arrested after a shoot-out in 1971 in New York.

He spent five years (1971-1976) in the Attica Prison. While in prison, Brown reverted to Islam and renameed himself Jamil Abdullah al-Amin. After his release he perform the Hajj (pilprimage to Makkah) Upon his return to the Belly of The Beast he opened a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia and became an Imam, preaching against drugs and gambling.

He also became leader of the National Ummah, one of amerikkka's largest Muslim groups of which amerikkkas' Most Hated Muslim Poet is affliliated.

In 2002, he was falsely arrested and found guilty of killing a Fulton County, Georgia sheriff's deputy, and wounding another officer in a gunbattle

Fread Hampton and Mark Clark were young social activist and members of the Chicago Chapter of The Black Panther Party who were violently and viciously murdered on December 4th 1969 by brutal and cowardly agents of the City of Chicago and FBI police death squads, while they slept in bed.

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