Straight To The Heart

Case Worker of the Year

Dedicated to Mary Sandine

She greets you with a smile
the second she walks in
No matter how bad you're feeling
her smile deserves a grin

She reaches out her hand to help you
each and every day
Never asking anything in return
she goes on her merry way

Calling on the phone to check on you
between your doctor's visits
She does this of her own free will
doesn't seem normal - is it?

Her name is Mary Sandine
Case Worker of the Year
With each and every visit
she calms my greatest fear

She listens to concerns we have
her heart always understands
Mary always brings us comfort
and extends a helping hand

Simply saying thank you
doesn't seem to be enough
So I dedicate this poem to her
filled with simple little stuff

Mary, we say thank you
for all you do for us
Doing things without reservations
never showing any fuss

Respect and appreciation
to you we freely give
We know that in the future
more healthy we will live

Thank you for being who you are
Case Worker of the Year
We'll toast you with our hands raised high
Hip Hip! Hooray!  We cheer

You're truly a great case worker
thank God - you He did send
Not only are you the case worker
even greater - we call you friend

© 2006 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Case Worker of the Year

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