Celina Adrian

30,240 poems read


I can't explain this feeling that I get
when im next to your time and you absorb my space
when I fantasize about making love to you in a public place
and no one really has to see it except maybe when I wear
that look up on my face

cause I'm going back to the thought of that first taste
of your kiss
bliss, pure bliss
as I reminisce

and I'm asking my mind to just go there
allow myself to remember your stare
you side swiped me
and yesterday I acted like I didn't even care
funny, the disquises vulnerability and emotions wear

I swear 

I swore to one day be wide open with you
transparent enough
to unveil the truth
of love in the making
far beyond making love
to not just make love a time or two
or way more than a few
that is easy to do
but its hard to open my soul
to what I perceive
as being out of control
to allow myself to grow old
with the thought of a number sort of equal

You and I

and no matter what
I can promise you
that romantic in me
the one who's there for you
will never die
speaking of fantasy
listen to my sigh
it is somewhat similar to my cry

when i'm displaced
its because I really don't know why
I feel the way I do
so deeply and even deeper about you

this intensity has caught me by surprise
now do me a favor and close your eyes
and maybe this time when you open them
you will have noticed that
through it all, all the years
all I ever wanted
is to be
by you