Celina Adrian

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"next lifetime"

if I could erase pain like I do
with penciled words on an open page
words that were never meant to be written
or maybe they were but they still get erased
if I could just switch up the pace
of my heart
then maybe I could change the script
even after it was spoken
even after it was lived
oh, this life
where tormented outcomes feel like pure s'hit
and I must admit
in some way
that I continue to create these chapters
that is what hurts the most -
the knowing
that I wrote this pain into existence
some lifetime ago,
this lifetime I know
next one
I promise to go slow
even though my heart may have an urgency
and if I am around next lifetime to feel this beat
I will try to figure out where it all begins
cause in this life
I am focusing way to much on
bitter endings