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More Than Just Friends


Nearly a year has flown by
Friends that crossed the what ifs and whys
Completely innocent from the start
Never meant to touch the heart
You are more than just my friend
It is in you that I trust and depend
A year of being just friends
Now our story begins
A night in sweet September
That beautiful night my feelings surrendered
Conversation tantalizing to the tongue
More than just friends had me sprung
I felt the rhythm and bass pumpin' all through my body
Way before we reached the club's lobby
We had a few drinks and danced
Lustfully exchanging glances
At night's end you walked me to the door
A kiss and a hug had me yearning for much more
Quality time spent discovering our vast personalities
Friends though first and foremost was our reality
Common interests and the appreciation of simple pleasures
Enjoying the gift of nature's treasures
As time went on
Our bond became unbelievably strong
Working in the same building
Pretending not to have more than just friends' feelings
Passing each other by many times during the day
Not knowing just what to say
Being careful so that no one knew our little secret
On the quite is how we needed to keep it

We had spoken many times on crossing that more than just friends line  
But, we both knew it was only a matter of time
Our bodies naturally intertwined
It was too late we crossed that more than just friends line
In discussion you made it crystal clear that a relationship was not part of your plan
But, my feelings were already building cause more than anything I was aware that I was in the presence of a real man
On your part there were no promises to break
Honestly you did not make that mistake
You shared with me that physically and mentally you are drawn
Deep in my heart my feelings pump strong
Unhealthy of me to grasp a hold of hope
Loving you so much makes it so hard to cope
Trying desperately to break that more than just friends standardly tie
Crying each and every time we say goodbye
Something in my very being begs me to stay
I just can't simply walk away
I can feel you in the depths of my soul
Love has taken total control
Love clouds my thoughts and perceptions
As I try to accept the unaccepted
So, frustrated with circumstances and timing    
Knowing my hearts true finding
I truly love you
I truly believe in what you have to accomplish and do
Although I'm not sure where our story will end
 I am forever grateful that we became more than just friends

-Michelle Angelina Boschulte

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