Straight To The Heart

Caviar of the South

Beans and fried potatoes
caviar of the south
Couldn't wait to get home for dinner
to shovel it in my mouth

Momma used to cook for us
each and every day
Loved to smell that good ole food
as we'd bow our heads to pray

We thanked the Lord for the food we had
knowing it might be our last
Enjoying each and every bit we'd take
feeling the hunger pangs had past

Today I still prefer beans and fried potatoes
probably my favorite of all food
I still remember the meals we shared
as in front of that table I was glued

Momma I will always remember
the food you placed in my mouth
I will forever call it
the caviar of the south

© 2006 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Caviar of the South

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