Words unspoken, Words unread!

Seventeen years and ten months old

A personal tribute to my cousin Eric Williams.
Sadly passed away on the Sir Galahad.

A pay cheque in my left hand, a rifle in the other,
I'm seventeen years and ten months old, and a soldier like my brother.
My regiment have just been called to a conflict overseas,
We're going to the falkland Isle's!! "Where's that! the Hebrides??"

We're off to fight the Argies, of that I've just been told,
They're sending me to fight a war, and I'm seventeen years old.
I reach into my pocket for a coin to call my Dad,
The lads would dig me in the side saying, "we will watch you lad".

And then I got to thinking of this country I love so true,
With its laws and boundaries set in stone, and what I've been asked to do.
Twelve months as a junior, for this is what I've trained,
I will not let my new mates down and use that knowledge gained.

Lord, bring us home, alive or dead, heroes one and all,
Please take good care of Mum and Dad in case that I should fall.
These words i say in silent prayer, even though I could aloud,
I just hope that I and my regiment will do this country proud.

God Save The Queen.  

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