Words unspoken, Words unread!

You do not care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm breathing in toxins and fumes from your life,
You'd just as well pierce my lungs with a knife.
The smoke and the poisons you release in the air,
I cannot believe that you just don't care.

We're raping the earth of its richness and wealth,
While telling each other, " take care of your health".
Yet now we all know that this world will not last,
If we treat it the same as we have in the past.

There's a hole in the ozone, the danger's increased,
But still there are leaders who don't care in the least.
Our children will inherit the mistakes we now do,
The skies and the oceans with colours so blue.

Diseases now seen, never heard of before,
I hope we'll find cures before they take anymore.
The whales and the dolphins exploring our seas,
Why do we kill them? Just stop this now please!!

Continuous fighting, often religion to blame,
Black, white or yellow, we all bleed the same.
These words i now write are not meant to preach,
Only you can find passion and a hand to outreach.

So remember my words when you're driving your car,
Or smoking your ciggie, which is filled with catarrh.
The world we now live in with its beauty and grace,
Is not just for you, but the whole human race.  

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