Words unspoken, Words unread!

Courage and dignity.

Footprints in the warm wet sand,
Washed away by the incoming tide.
What a truly magical feeling it is,
To have you at my side.

To see you standing next to me,
Of this day i never thought.
After the chemo and radiotherapy,
And the cancer you have fought.

There are tears streaming down my face,
I am shaking like a leaf.
There's pride for you within my heart,
And a love beyond belief.

When you said to me, " I've found a lump",
That took away my breath.
For the only thing that i could think,
Is of cancer resulting in death.

But now we are through that sad darkness,
We have pulled at that shining white light.
We've now got our own little rainbow,
I can hold you and kiss you tonight.

Courage and dignity are words I knew not,
And the people that show them are few.
But these are the things that I have seen,
Yes! The person that's shown them is you.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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