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 GOD LIVES (Free Verse)


~God Lives~
(Free Verse)

You would think that there isn't anywhere a God, because of all the evil that today you might see,
But let me tell you that you are very wrong for believing all this for so very long
I know that there are many skeptical and unbelievers who choose to believe this
But let me inform you that they all have their facts completely messed-up  and wrong

No matter what you  may think or choose to believe, because there's a God
He's the Creator of everything  that you may or may not in this world now see
God knows every single thing that is known and unknown to every single man
He holds the whole world in the palm of His hand, He's in control of everything and anywhing, you see

He knows you better than anyone that  have ever known  or will in a  future know you,
God has a plan for you and for me since the very beginning, even before you were born,
He knows us all so well from the first split moment of conception inside our mother's womb,
No  matter what you and others like you  may think, God is in control of this  earthly ship, and always will be too

You look around and  shake your head  in disbelief, to all the evil that you see and hear around this world,
But let me tell you that things could have been worse if there wasn't  a living God that loves us so much,
God has his own timetable, He has a divine plan unfolding right in front of our very eyes, right from the start,
Jesus spoke so much of  His heavenly home, the book of Revelation says a lot about His second coming

Satan might be alive and well, stealing, lying and deceiving as many as he very for centuries as the Holy Bible says,
But no matter what the devil does, he already knows that he's loser, he's already lost forever and for eternity,
God is the real Commander in chief, He controls this earth and the whole Universe, and every single star,
He knows it all, and every single thing that you think and do, and He wants you with Him one day  home.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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