Words unspoken, Words unread!

Passive Smoking...........

Cigarettes and nicotine,
With a cooling pint of ale.
Another drag on the cancer stick,
As you stupidly inhale.

It's not the fact you'll kill yourself,
It's the fact you're killing me.
For the passive smoking I shall do,
Is not by choice you see.

"Smoking Kills" that's what it says,
Upon them packs you buy.
But when that cancer takes your life,
You don't see your children cry.

It's never too late to give them up,
Though there's times you will despair.
But you won't suffer all alone,
There are people that really care.

Just throw them in the bin right now,
For that habit you can rid.
Yes! I had smoked  for eighteen years,
Stopped it i truly did.

"I'll give them up tomorrow",
No! Give them up today.
For surely as you're reading this,
Your health is sure to pay.

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