Words unspoken, Words unread!

Lifeboat men so brave............

A personal tribute to the man and woman of the R.N.L.I.
"The Royal National Lifeboat Institute".

Bravest men amongst the brave,
The lifeboat volunteers.
Precious people saving lives,
As they've done for many years.

Through the waves of raging water,
Being battered by the storm.
These precious people saving lives,
Heroes one and all.

Called out in all conditions,
Whether sunshine, snow or rain.
Never knowing what's ahead,
Or will they see their homes again!!!

Hurricanes and twenty foot waves,
Smashing at your soul.
Dedicated lifeboat men,
With a never ending goal.

So many crewmens lives been lost,
Still many lives they save.
Always putting themselves at risk,
These lifeboat men so brave.

To the R.N.L.I. volunteers,
With such courage there's only few.  
May the seasons always bring you home,
As the Lord watches over you.

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