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To Voice My Choice

To voice
my choice,
to actively seek,
and to speak my mind
and point of view.
To take my cue
with newfound courage,
and esteem,
express my dream
and every whim
to you and they
and she and him
and all of those
who care,
or don't.
They'll either listen
or they won't;
but all be said,
without dread,
of consequence or fear
of anything or one
that I hold dear.
Just say the words,
and be free,
of menial task
And close the door,
like never before,
and don't look back
on clouds of black;
but reach to the sun
and grab the one,
the only and the best.
To pass the test,
of life, and win
I must begin...
to voice
my choice


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To Voice My Choice

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