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 The Day Saigon Fell

I cried bitter tears of anger and frustration,
for the thousands of men and women,
whose lives were obviously lost in vain.

How can history justify all the death,
destruction and carnage, as well as the
pain and suffering caused to the South
Vietnamese people, who lost their
country's name.

I ask myself over and over again;
How could we have let this happen?
The answer was plain;  "Back room deals,
and a Government, who had lost the will to win!"

In  the street the Hippies danced and sang,
while thousands that had fought the jungle
battles moaned and cried as the church bells rang.

After years of war, disillusionment and strife,
Saigon fell and the Republic of  South Vietnam
went straight to Communist hell!

Jackie R. Kays

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