The Unfairness Of Angels
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 Estate Britain
Within the land of mountains and dark watered lochs
You take pride in being called Jocks
The Romans never had the balls to defeat you
And within this self-ignorance your pride grew
The derelict council blocks, where the crack dealers hide
Does nothing to take away that Scottish pride
The enchanting magic of a haunted country
The rough coastlines mirror the rough sea
The wildness breeds another warrior everyday
They say it's a pity you live so far away.

Within the green valleys of Wales
You hear the stories and long to live the tales
Hating the English for the closed coal mines
And daydreaming in the village, about better times
Everyone has slept with everyone and gossip is rife
The girl you went to school with 20 years ago is now your wife
She's pregnant again, another mouth to feed
Nothing to do around here but bred
Over the hill across the other town, where the lights glow
You hear life is so much better, but you will never know

Works hard to find up around here
Although up North, you get real cheap beer
Drinking away your day in the pub dreaming
Left the girlfriend in doors with the baby screaming
Pint of bitter goes down well
Won't be getting that in the prison cell
Since that's what seems to be the circle of things
Working every hour God sends to buy her diamond rings
The Shops don't open late and the houses are boarded up
Nowhere to go but the local pub
The lush countryside, gives a bleak contrast to the grey town
So you buy a ticket to London and come on down

Shadows of the silhouettes of the council estates
Collecting ASBO's with your mates
Hoping that the next shag is the chosen one
Although now she's just another single mum
Gold chains and tattoos on your arm
Sisters still coming to terms with her self-harm
Got a degree in shop lifting
And making stereos from cars go missing
No gold bars for you just metal ones you look behind
Plenty of years to search for yourself and find
Excuses for your poor life, and to realize what you've done
I guess in a different life you could have been someone
But on the top bunk of your cell you're just another London Scum.

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