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I met her on her doorstep on a normal working day
Gave her the usual patter in my normal sort of way
And then we started chatting and something she said
Brought me to a halt, stopped me and my patter dead.
I don't think I lost the conversation
Kept my end of it rolling on
But my mind was in another place
In a time so many many years gone.

i remember the feel of that green green grass
so moist and cool against the naked skin
of my back pressed against the ground
as my fingers gently held her by the chin
guiding her red parted lips down to mine
in an ecstatic teenaged fumbling kiss
that started and developed on and on
into that state of deep heightened bliss
and two young bodies
healthy and whole
approaching almost
loss of all control
hot summer sun beating down
on that timeless detached place
that could have been anywhere
there in its own time and space
passion that stirred and exploded
and for both was as quickly gone
and that time and space closed
life resumed continued moved on
and we continued our walk
down that long leafy lane
an incidental sort of walk
that never occurred again
soon after she left the village
her family moved away
and i never saw her again
until now this very day

We stood chatting there by her garden gate
Until I said I had to go as it was getting late
And I had other calls to make other folk to see
And I still didn't know if she'd remembered me
But she gave no sign
As her eyes met mine.
We shook hands and she went in doors
As I continued my working day once more.

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