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Real Talk

I met someone
She caught my eye
She said she felt the same
In public she let everyone know
That she knew my name
In private I haven't heard from her
She told them this
She got them believing that
But in private none of it
Was a proven fact
Everyone knew about me
Through her mouth
Everyone thought they knew about her
But I knew differently
So tell me why
Did she have to be fake with it
She should've just come out
And let me know
Instead of fronting in public
So let me take a minute
To talk to her

I came to you
I put myself out there
I thought things was kewl
Instead you were just plotting
How long you could
Play me for the fool
You ain't the first
Most likely won't be the last
But really it wasn't that serious
Trying to put me out there on blast

Folks told me about you
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
My boys called me naïve
I said you don't know
What you're talking about
She's got me intrigued
She's a cutie
With a great personality
Now I have a different story

I ain't saying you a golddigger
But let's be real
You ain't messing
With a broke fella
This is some funny stuff
Now you showing your true colors
You might be able to tell
This is a sore subject
I don't deal with posers

You acting brand new
Becoming the new mouth of the south
But I'm not trying to go that route
And since we being real
You really ain't a hot chick
You are one cold chick
Thinking you bad
For playing this good man
But I let you go
I ain't mad at ya
I got nothing but love for ya
You opened my eyes
And helped me to understand
Just because I'm real
Don't mean the other person is
Thank you because now
I'm just a lil more wise

¥☼MOI☼¥  06 Aug 06

Real Talk



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