From the Heart Through the Pen

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Keep It Simple

Let me answer a few questions
Before I fall asleep
You want to know of these feelings
Why I didn't keep them
I told you my story
And I heard your tale
We agreed we had a tight connection
But this thing just can not be
It's not you, and it's not me
Face it, it's just not meant to be

You came at me like I was on fire
Brought a blanket and tried to smother me
Trying hard but not succeeding
In revealing your desire
I asked you to chill
You apologized and said you will
But here I am writing this
Trying to explain
Why it's not you that I miss

This write just a lil past due
But girl I have things that
I have to handle
It's really nothing against you
Situations I just got out of
And now you're trying to reel
Me back in
Tell me
Why do you want to bring stress
Back on this man

You come at me
Like you my girl
And now I'm not even
Trying to be part of your world
I'm just waiting for you to chill
Friends we can be
If you want
But only if you agree
That in my space
You don't try to haunt me
What I mean is let me breathe
Baby girl release that grip on me

I think we can have that connection
But not on the next level
Let's just be kewl
And keep it simple

¥☼MOI☼¥  14 Aug 06

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