Thoughts of a Mother


Why are so many dying, why are we being killed?
Why are we so sick, why are so may ill?
Why when I turn on the news, is there so many bullets flying?
Why when the children play, so many keeping on dying?
Why can't we let them grow and live their american dream?
Why must we continue to take them before they even become a teen?
What happen to hide and seek and all of the games we played?
Instead is seems there is a child being buried every day.
I don't know what to do nor what I even should say,
So I put this out to you, please save one child today.
If you see them doing something dangerous don't just shake your head
Tell them not to do that and pray they do what you said
And for all of the people shooting there has to be another way
Put down the guns and teach the kids how to play
Because when someone knocks on your door to tell you to be calm
Because the person that you shot had a son who shot your mom
When all of this could've been avoided if you only put down the gun
And show them that your better than that and instead showed your child how to have fun....

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