Celina Adrian

29,430 poems read


I keep running circles around myself
while you have the patience to run circles around me
its because it only takes about two or three
deep breaths
for me to inhale you into my mind
this is when time is kind
and I don't dare rewind
what is not meant
for us to revisit
we don't have to
pain doesn't need to have a future
or the ability to withstand
not when there is so much of it
all the time, everywhere
so why add yesterday's hurt to tomorrow
today has come
and this is where it all starts
this is where the heart's matter
I'm telling you this because if time
changes its mind
or we find a way to change time
and univesal destiny approves of this love
or some sad past kicks in
and we are no more
either way
just know that my feet stand firmly on the floor
and my words soar
when I scream out to you,
you will be one of my greatest loves
and the only question that will remain
is if this will be said of the past
or of what will be
right now and also
the next day