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Winningful Candidate-1986-Infinity

I am not a politician
But when I got wind of your expectations,
I felt you had to be fully represented

I am a revolutionarist by calling
But when I ceased to be at peace with my ideologies
I took a ride on the wild side into the bigger picture
But shall not conform to be chased like a chicken thief

I am a global dream weaver of present day
But liberty to serve is thrice a stranger
Mission of desire that has always arrested me

I am a celebrated civilian of your exact decent
A Pan-whateverist of the most recent breed
But chaps; your inspirations overtook my ego

I am a militarist by default of struggle not desire
Please allow me not to promise more for I shouldn't
Pledge what is already modernly walking your way

Aluta Continua, ladies, country men, wanainchi
And with all myself at your unitarian disposal
Meet me in the winner's circle; For together
We may forge a fundamental change of guards

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