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 The End

  I pace the room looking for an answer
  My mind is running backwards
  Like a clocks spring that has broken
  Suddenly I find life is no token

  I try counting my steps heel to heel
  But stop at a thousand for a cry -
  I'm twisting my hands and pulling my hair
  Still all alone, so no one will care -

  I try reading my favorite book
  The words cry out to me in anguish
  And as my tears fall on the pages
  They will forever stain them through the ages

  I'm shouting to the walls in anger
  For being silent in my hour of grief -
  My knuckles bleed with banging for attention
  The Demons arrive, too numerous to mention

  The utensils are spread, named every one -
  No going back now, till the job has been done
  These Demons are here with this message they send
  As I start the butchering, this could be the END...


Written 9th March 2005
Copywriter 2006 UK
                  See authors stories on>>http://storypen.com/fromtheheart1

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