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Epilogue Of A Relinquished Heart...

Your beauty used to be meekness
Eyes were so divine
A heart full of love
I always wished you were mine,

Now my heart can't understand
What I feel inside
Is it the love of the heavens?
I'm standing here with my open arms
Thinking about you in my mind
Day and night
I'm confused, benighted
Bit shy, timid, blind
Shivering cold
Deep down inside,

Hard to say
If it is darkness,
That I feel or light
There is no one to tell me
Is it wrong or right?

Seems again that it's so sad
You're looking away
As my heart hurts so bad
Maybe love was supposed to stay?
Or perhaps
It wasn't supposed to be this way?
Yet what can I do?
What can I say?
Am I forever supposed to be so disarrayed?
Or is it just haze?
Maybe I'm lost in the maze?
Of your fake deception
Sheer relevance of false imagination,

Please tell me if this is a broken heart conception?
As my mind wonders
In the imaginary realization
Seems that there is nothing
Nothing left but contemplation,
Just sheer sample of twisted relegation,

I reach to the heavens above
Touching the sky full of love
But of you by my side
There is no connection?
Won't you be by my side?
This essence of emotions I can't hide,

Now I'm alone again, alone in vanity
Tried so hard to make you see
But I couldn't find the persuasion in words
As the heavens tears they fall on me,
I'm waiting for your love,

Then comes a whisper of a cry
My heart left alone,
Separated from the endless tries…
With no more love left
My tomorrow in loneliness,
Withers and dies,

Seeing the heavens tears
Feels like I gave my heart away
With you to have a better day
It somehow brings closure to my life,

Yet only Love knows inside of my heart
Of what I feel for you
Standing here all alone
Feeling,empty, shattered and hopeless
Hopeless without your precious love,

What can I say, what can I do
It's just the way that you are
Loving me strangely
Is the way some people like you do,
I guess romantic love is not always true,
It's not always equal,
That's for sure…
There's nothing else left for me to say,
Before I go,
And for my heart to feel this way
Confusion is all I feel
Wish it wasn't like this,
Wish I wasn't so blind
Yet all it is
Just too real to conceal
Therefore a relinquished heart must reveal
A depth of what the inner soul feels
With hope for the best of what a new separate life will bring,

So far love seems not very much  
On both ends it is not too real…
Emotions run run sometimes
Sensation cold as steel
But who knows what time will bring
I guess we'll wait and see
If there is any hope
A resolution of this romantic tragedy,

And hence therefore
Are the only words
From the epilogue of a relinquished heart
The final expression of happiness, sadness,
And what once it was
Yes I once felt love,
A feeling for you
That I will always do
The emotions seem now forevermore
Embedded in my relinquished heart,

Oh this is an epilogue of a relinquished heart
Seems like it's the last chapter of my life
Oh this is an epilogue of a relinquished heart
From the bottom of all souls depth
This is an epilogue of an a relinquished heart
Don't worry hopefully
I'll make it through without you
Hopefully I won't fall too lucid apart
Feeling what I feel for you inside of my relinquished heart.

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