Celina Adrian

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"a ridiculous amount of hope"

I am listening to zero 7
and thinking of
how I make jokes to distract myself
from the truth
saying I love you
comes so easily
eons of this
understands why
even when you think you and I
joy and pain tango
and I don't dance very well
you've got way more rhythm
even though I hate to admit it
I am so taken by you
you cast your spell
and again and again I fail
to acknowledge that even
I can be captured
I want to get this right
take flight
and soar into old age with you
I want to do what grey hair allows us to do
I want to grow as only two
I don't do many more numbers than that
I was never good at math
I want you to be happy
I want to write you into the lines of my page
not the one that represents the cage
not the one that spotlights us on gossips stage
the simple life
free of a conflicting past
even though we are only here temporarily
I want
a permanent life
that says we will last
the one that says we've made it
in this life
I want the life
that says
we've made it