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Words For A Memorial Service

Let us say farewell to flesh-
But I can not say farewell to memory
Those moments are the very living bricks
Of the every growing chamber of my heart

Let us say farewell to days gone by-
Laughter, sorrows, joys and tragedies
But those days have joined the calendar
Of eternity ever written in the stone of time

Let us honor the silence of death-
The eternal echo of the joy of birth
That in that silence, the music of the spheres  
May sound in unknown chambers of the heart

Let us say farewell to flesh-
That in the darkness of eyes forever closed
To our sun's warmth and light-the greater light of spirit
May warm the ashes and breathe power into memories

Let us greet the glory of mysteries
Beyond the sight of mortal eyes
And honor the joy of birth
And the silence of death