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God Said So

God said love your neighbors as yourself,
Not to hurt one and love another.
God said to be patient indeed,
You couldn’t go without your feed.
God said not to lie,
But hey, you’re just an average guy.
God said, do not deceive,
It was you, my “friend”, that I believed.
God said, do not hurt!
But instead, you were the biggest jerk.
God said, show fruits of the Spirit,
Not to show dislike or hatred.
Yet God said, “Stop likin’ her!,
Even though it will rip her!
It will cause her heart to bleed!
But, please, go ahead, take heed!”
I guess,
I’ll believe you,
That God told you,
To do what you do.

~DaYnA e. 1/6/03

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God Said So