Irish/Celtic/Poet Hud

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Bobbin and Robbin given everybody a worldwide floggin.
Deadly duo speakin... in nicam stereo.
Pirates of Penzance do a merry dance.
Synchronized swimmin...
Swag in their ever expanding corporate bag.
Flames engulf...
Their carefully thought out cunnin... plans.
Should Robin accidentally drop'em.
Falling out of his magical tree...
Breakin his golden crown.
Would his critics frown.
Upon that shaky ground.
Bread in the global basket.
Feeds the frenzied crowds.
Hot coals of intrigue.
Fanning three blades of justice.
Golden balls...
Charles the first.
Sporting his new crew-cut crown.
To the ever eager...
Blood thirsty crowd.
Heads would roll...
Upon the never ending.
Revolving political door.

Hud 2006-2012 Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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