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A Poem to Get Me Started

I'm sitting drinking a beer
Thinking about life and love
Waiting for my creativity to appear
Need the right song to get me started
Funny so many poems I want to write
But when I put them on paper
They just don't seem to come out right
What a rollercoaster ride
My heart goes through
So I'll just keep typing
And see what it do
What it does
Hopefully it'll jumpstart something
Yet another poem dedicated
To a tale about love

It's not time to walk away
For that would be far too easy
It would mean
That none of this is real
So don't you dare second guess
What it is that I feel
It may be that everyone is replaceable
But I need you in my life
The only one who is capable
Of taming this man
In time you will begin to understand
What it is to be me
Just exactly how I am
I want to know
What it's like to be you
Does your heart go through
Love the same way
That my heart seems too
Are we a match made in Heaven
I let you fly
And you seemed to come back to me
But as of lately
I have no idea of the feelings
That lingers inside of you
Just leave me some sort of clue
Save my mind from
The moments of anticipation
That it will no doubt go through

¥☼MOI☼¥  11 Sep 06

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A Poem to Get Me Started