Dark Poetry From A Twisted Mind

Castle & the Troll

I was beautiful once
~ hundreds of years ago ~

my hair an electric
strawberry blonde,
my eyes like blue-green
ocean waves.

The suiters would've
for me.

But I wanted
the Troll.

I would sit alone
in my castle...
sipping red wine
from crystal goblets.

Sometimes I laughed,
sometimes I cried,
sometimes I talked
with the voices
who haunted
my waking hours
& troubled
my would-be
sweet dreams.

I argued with them
at times.
And made love
to their sweet

and the Troll
would sit
in the narrow
the big stone walls.

Such big orange eyes,
& those massive teeth.

But he never hurt
a soul.

He was like a lovely
pillow upon which
my romantic heart
could rest.

I sought refuge
many a time...

when the handsome suitors
broke my heart,
broke my spirit,
broke my soul.

And he healed
the internal wounds.

Made me laugh
deep into
dark night.

I cherished him
for all that he was,
& all that I needed
him to be.

Yet a jealous prince

I'd had one too many
drinks one night
& fallen into
his arms.

He knew nothing
of love.

Just of violent thrusting
& killing
what hope I had left.

I remember
from that night.

But the Troll
tried to save me
from painful plight.

In doing so,
he got
an arrow
to the heart...

& bled to death
on my oriental rug.

Such is what happened
to the love of my life,
whom others shunned
for his beastial face.

Although animalistic
in stature,
and crude of face
& rough to smile,

he was all
that was light to me
in a world
full of darkness & hate.

And still I dream of him
in this world
that the suitor
was so eager
to create.

I, an empty soul
with no one to love,
no one to hold.

And long gray,
unkempt hair.

And granny

I shall die
& be with my love

But for now
I must live
that all
are repulsed
by my face.

Copyright 2006, 2018
by Insomnia
September 12, 2006
3:05 a.m.

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Castle & the Troll

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