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it was time to wake up from my dream

A point came where I had to wake up,
A point came where he had enough.
I arose softly yet crying,
Awaking from my dream that's now dying.
It was queer, it was strange,
Thought things would never change.
Didn't know that I was asleep,
It was something I thought I would keep.
So now, I write it down,
I'll record the vision and the sound,
The music was in my heart,
The broken promise - an ugly dart.
A hand held with care at one time,
Now I'm worth perhaps a dime.
The spoken words with delicate beat,
Now next to me - an empty seat.
Touched on the cheek,
Left, now, for me to seek.
Kisses that danced in the dark,
Watching stars in the park.
Whispers that drifted away,
I wake up because it's day.
The night is over,
The dream came to an end,
Now your just a companion, a buddy, a friend.

~DaYnA e. 1/7/03

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it was time to wake up from my dream