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Prince Distance

I had met you May 5th,
In August got my first kiss.
Held my hand under the moon.
Your heart had a rhythmic tune,
For I heard it - it was sweet,
It got me dancin' on my feet.
It made me smile happiness.
Left all other guys key-less;
My lock only you could open.
But something had kept on pokin'
Prince Distance disturbed us,
Told you = you had enough.
Commanded you to leave me,
Demanded you to make me bleed.
Prince Distance had a crown,
Disguised in the Devil's gown.
Rebuked the love we had,
Cursed everything that made us glad.
Told you to find somebody new,
Made you do the things you do.
I hate Prince Distance for what he has done.
A thief, who chose you to be the one,
To stop, stomp and crash into my mind,
To rip my heart and leave me blind.
All because you were there,
All because I was here.
Rejected, denied and now closed out,
Forever you are gone - with out a doubt.

~DaYnA e. 1/7/03

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Prince Distance