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 Elsie`s Poetry



It broke my heart the day he died,
The day he went and left my side,
A hole appeared inside of me
The part he took away from me.

I walk around like a lost soul,
There`s nothing for me, I have no goal,
I walk around aimlessly and cry,
Looking heavenward towards the sky.

I go to the places that we once knew,
Where we first met and our love grew,
I think of you, but I can`t see your face,
I know your gone now, `cause there`s no trace.

We would often go to the beach to meet,
We`d feel the sand shift beneath our feet,
Not a care in the world, we`d stroll along,
Nothing in our hearts but a song.

You`d hold my hand and gaze into my eyes
Seeing the love in them was no surprise,
I loved you with every heart beat and more
I loved you right to your very core.

Every time we met we would become one,
For each other`s love we had won,
Nothing existed and time would stand still,
Wrapped in each other`s arms that was our will.

No one`s there to walk and hold my hand,
Only one shadow appears on the sand,
I`m so alone now, I feel empty and lost
I`d have you back, no matter what the cost.

My pleas are not heard and my tears are in vain,
There is nothing that will ever stop this pain,
So I go to your grave and lie at your feet,
My `Maker` I`ll face if it means we can meet.

I lie there and my breathing becomes shallowed,
Take me to that place that is so hallowed,
I look around me for one last time,
My heart will soon no longer pine.

Goodbye earth, you have nothing that I love,
For my heart has gone with him above,
Two angels came to lift me up high,
To take me to that home in the sky.

Just as I thought, he was waiting for me
Arms outstretched he kissed and comforted me,
Once again we walk hand in hand
Where there`s two shadows upon the sand.

copyright2003 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170


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