Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

I Hope I Wrench Your Heart

I have nothing to give you,
For you have already been
My bleeding stab wounds.
I lack any words to speak,
Because as these ideas leak,
You just sit there and sneer.
I haven't any advice for this,
Except to say that I'm scared.
I've begun to want to hurt me.


So I've run,
Into another wall.
Harder than the last,
But still as painful.
So, I've run.

With no direction,
With no sanity, no
Map to tell me I'm
On the right path.
Nothing but small,
Slow tears that are
Reluctant to fall from
My embittered eyes.
I just stand in the
Rain these days, let
It take me from this
Place, and drop me
Into more of nothing.

Define me.
Red with anger,
Blue with depression,
Black with hate,
Define me.


Let definition make me a more lingering soul.
Let the after effects of your words keep me
Whole, but I crumble, because what is life
Anyways when there's no one beside you to
Babble on about? But there was always time,
And now we've stumbled upon a stand still.

You spit.
Sour words,
Mindless thoughts,
Excuses, lies,
You spit.

And I'm left here, trying to
Figure it out.
Not even rational thinking
Can save me.
So I'll fall, for a bit now
And just hope
That there is someone strong
Enough to hold
What's left of my shattered,
Torn self.

Yet, again...

September 14, 2006

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I Hope I Wrench Your Heart

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