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 From the Heart Through the Pen

Losing You

And it's not easy
Trying to make it
Through this thing called life
I'm trying to make it to you
But you're so far away
No telling when I will see you again
It's hard making it through these sleepless nights
If I could talk to you
I would express all that I needed too
I wouldn't have a need for this site

Whoever said it would be easy
Surely did lie
Whoever said things would get better
Certainly lost their mind
They never spent nights on end
Head hurting from all the tears they've cried
Sometimes I feel as if your love
Is all I have in this cruel world
Now that you're gone
Why should I even bother moving on

Sitting here beside myself
Looking at the shell of my former being
Why was it me
Why did I have to be the one left breathing
Beauty is what I so enjoyed
A part of my everyday life
Now that you're gone
So is all the beauty
I look around and it seems
As if everything is a constant reminder to me

You're in my thoughts and my dreams
In my heart and even my fantasies
In this little bit of soul left in me
You're everywhere it seems
But right beside me
Everywhere but reality
The one place where I truly need you to be
Letting go is hard, I agree
But it feels damn near impossible
The pain of losing someone
Is there even another that's comparable

Just one more day
Would that have been
Just too much to ask for
Couldn't even count all the I love you's
That I would say
The I'm sorry's and you telling me not to worry
You're going to such a better place
What I wouldn't give
Just to hold you in my arms
And be able to look at your beautiful face
Memories no one would be able to erase
Look into your eyes
And realize all the while that you were
An angel in disguise
Sent to me as a true blessing

And I know the time is approaching
Your time is near
I try to hold back the tears
But to no avail
This method surely does fail
Never believed that what I most feared
Is about to take place
If only I could slow the pace
But not my place to change
Just have to trust God
That this is meant to be
Even though I'm about
To go through a time of misery

I'm on my knees now
Asking dear Lord just how
Did this come to be
What happened to our
Meant To Be Journey
I'm just breaking down
It seems as if everyone around
Just can not see, can not hear
My spirit falling down
No telling when and where it will land
All I know is that there won't be a sound

¥☼MOI☼¥  23 Sep 06

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