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  Robert James

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 Darfur (In The Eyes Of A Child)

The world is dark
 though it's light
In the storm of evil
 the birds took flight
Searching the land
 looking for some rest
because the dark dreamer
 has destroy their nest
The rainbow is gone
 though we've shed many tears
The hovering demons
 gripping us with fears
The politics of the world were design to fail
Held by poverty
 bound by hell
They say we don't have a right to dream
  though we have eyes
Harassed by potbelly men
  waiting for our demise
What's the purpose of trying to dream
   if we are not allowed to sleep?
They have plucked out our eyes...
    cut off our feet
While the world stands around and play
 Another thousand didn't make it
     at the end of the day
Though we're separated by land or tides...
if you listen to the wind
  you'll hear our cries

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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