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  Robert James

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 Materialism ( The New God)

Materialism...the new God...
Or is it?
So shake them trees
Rake up those leaves
Corrupt the flow of the seven seas
But there's no fruit there in
We come back empty...
    but we pretend
There's miles of beach front,
     but where's the sand?
      Burned the green forest
        Forsaken the fertile land
because very elusive the pot of gold
Forsake common sense
Shackle the soul
The promise wasn't to be
Slick up the sand...
Drink up the sea...
For the riches of Solomon isn't enough
          Bent on riches,
                overthrown by lust
The price of the pursuit isn't cheap
With gold bar in our eyes we can't sleep
The weight of reality's scale
       shatters the soul...
Humpty Dumpty has fallen
But will he be made whole?  

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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