A Synthetic Soul

Blades of Grass

These blades of grass are ripping through space,
and time will never stand still for me.
I cannot see the wind that moves your face
and I cannot pretend to feel the breeze.

You were born just to dance and die
much the same as me.
Taking in the very air that I
have already tried to breathe.

Bathed in the morning mist,
shrouded by this early fog.
Such a beautiful way to live
not waiting for the sky to fall.

Beneath the very next step I take,
lying in wait for the sun.
By the tread I've left, bent into shape
knowing you're not the only one.

Born to your fate,
never to have a dream.
Touched by the same
sky that touches me.

Believing that the cycle of life
might some how lead ba to you.
Meaning you're no less alive than I
and as if I were the fire and you were the fuel.

Spared the thought in mind
of so many people preaching hate.
Not keeping track of time.
Never to be touched by an ocean's wave.

Deprived of the pleasures that keep me alive.
You're beautiful to me because you seem to fade.
Seeming all too much like a sacrifice
that we're all born to make.

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