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Reasoning and Logic

From the Desk of:
Jackie R. Kays
My time has come and gone…it's called the past.
My future does not exist, for I have none. Regrets, I have few.
I do regret not being able to live until I am hundred and twenty,
and maintain my physical prowess.

I regret that the human race never seems to learn from their mistakes,
and make those same mistakes over and over again!
There are several hundred religions, most advocate peace and love,
Yet, these same people have practiced hate and war from earliest times.

Once there was a cave man name;  "Augg."  Augg, was a degree in intelligent superiority
over his counter parts. He quickly discovered that he could use their superstitions
against the masses in order to control their thinking. He was now a Shaman, priest,
preacher or a professional intellect. He now has the power to controls the human mind.

This powerful individual manipulates, converts, and  dilutes the truth to his  purpose.
His teachings are based on his motives or the doctrine that he is  reciting.

Humans are born with the gift of reasoning and logic, but in their early years are bombarded
with superstitious folklore that is implanted into their young minds as absolute facts and
truths, by their parents, sibling, teachers, preachers and so called; advanced intellects.

The pure truth can only be obtained by the individual using his or her  own intellect through
reasoning and logic. If the story being told by the procurator is questionable in any way,
then a red flag will appear to the logic thinker.  

Because a story has been told over and over again through out history, does not  confirm that
story as fact or the truth. The individual is well warned that believing any information on
faith can be and usually is very dangerous.Always use reasoning and logic in your thinking
and decision making.

If, you follow the rule of logic, you will become the master of your fate.
If you let others influence your thinking, you will stay in the small box
that you were born, and eternal darkness will be yours forever.

 Pure truth is the light to all knowledge!

Jackie R. Kays
© 06

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