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My Darling

A fashionable smile exchange and
A classic hug-
Oh, your love darling
Was like a sweet, sweet mystical hue
Oh, you!
My darling

How we struggle with popular ritual
And keeping our cool
But in reality, we want that kiss,
That faithful bliss
Oh how I miss,
Your love,
Your sweet love darling

That purity and innocence…
Ah, I get all this!!
This is why I miss
those times darling!
This is why our first love never dies
And our second love tries
Darling, darling

Don't stop reading,
I'm about to stop the bleeding
Just quit feeding
On that sick
(and generic love)
My darling

You might have to read twice,
But you'll get it in time,
Yes, it'll all be fine
My darling

I want what I had when I was
Fourteen, fifteen and sixteen
And when I was seventeen I had it too.
Before I became comfortable with you

 I want to marry you
But I must feel it
My darling

I must know it.
My darling.

A fashionable smile exchange and
A classic hug-
Oh, our lack of love my darling
I hear you and our mechanical style
Our occasional true
I need a “you”

--DaYnA e. 10/5/06

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My Darling