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Talking about Jesus is not Christian, Muslim or Jew,
Talking about Jesus is the right thing to do.
So many groups with their own rules and thought,
from a legacy of pain and the wars that were fought.
So many interpretations and paths that they choose,
resist sight of Jesus and surely you'll lose.
Jesus had no Bible, tin cup or a spear,
He shared all his wisdom with humanities ear.
He was submissive from this his strength came,
they laughed at his teachings and called him insane.
With twelve other men he chose to teach,
the way he saw things and goals you can reach.
He fed the hungry from the stones on the ground,
transformed into bread and then passed all around.
For all of their thirst he crushed wrath into wine,
The were drunk on his love and had a good time.
As he moved on through his infinite task,
he lay in a boat and slept by the mast.
A storm appeared his friends woke his rest
Jesus smiled at their fear and said this isn't a test.
Jesus has a test for you and your friends,
echo his teachings to all the four winds.
Mention it in passing don't try to contain,
a unwanted listener enjoying their pain.
Bible verses are beautiful when singularily read,
And not used as weapons causing war and the dead.
Ascension to heaven and escaping life's pain,
Some times is barren fruit with no water or rain.
If your seed is not fertile with no place to grow,
It will turn to dust and Jesus won't know.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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