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SWEETSWORDS 101 [ Dawah ]

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : I appeal in name ALLAH please lend me your ear
SWEETSWORDS is Islamic dawah this i swear
Yes it is unconventional what many orthodox may say lowly
And what i say ALLAH is my high and low ALLAH is my all dimensional all holy
SWEETSWORDS is Islamic invitation to every none Muslim Ummah
We may differ by our perpendicular father but we can unite by our circular Amma
As AL QURAN say bayna yana baynakum
With ibn arabi's dilemma and al farabi's doom
Come to a common term between you and i
For ALLAH we live for ALLAH we die

Mr barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Seven colored alphabet and single rainbow word
All are same but not identical
Science of divisions and sign of numerical
These are mathematics of love even blind can master
It is as simple as egg hen and rooster
Three different chicken but one and only fowl
It is as simple as body breath mind and single soul
Therefore listen oh BE AQL and pay heed
Seven colored alphabet is for learned who can read
But SWEETSWORDS with its seven musical note
Even to blind it can input
The information of meeting point
Therefore hold my BARZAKH and make a joint
Let us make the link and start the connection
Yes SWEETSWORDS is book of unification
It unites true Islam with true kuffr to distinguish the lie
To distinguish call of bell and call Belal from qadian the beiman cry

Dr Humayun Nafsi Natram : I appeal in the name of GOD
Please lend me your ear and hear my SWEETSWORDS
Now what is SWEETSWORDS is it a word or is it an sentence
Silent crime or cry of repentance
Do you know what SWEETSWORDS is
Say it is call of friendship and message of peace
I appeal in name of GOD please lend me your ear
SWEETSWORDS is message of GOD this i swear
It comes from criminal mind of fallen men
A gamblers desire written with bookies pen
It is tale of desire like quick rich scheme
To create a human team
For race to heaven
With all unlucky thirteen and lucky seven
The team to conquer the cosmic egg from cosmopolitan rooster
SWEETSWORDS is the tale of spiritual deterrent and physical booster

Poga Pundit Athmaram : Poga Say's in Foolington maze
My message of soul my spiritual air
Tale of water and story of tear
All are written by sound ink
My spiritual marrifath my SWEETSWORDS link
All are written as religious implant
All are written by Be Namazi intoxicant
All are written as Islamic dawah
Tale of Adam and story of Hawah
Therefore i appeal in the name of GOD
Please lend me your ear and hear my SWEETSWORDS
It is call of brother your fellow men
Not with any deadly sword but with sweetest pen
With sweetest SWEETSWORDS i call to all humanity
Let us come to a point of unity
That we believe in one GOD and we worship him alone
Every one have theirs personal GOD so do i have my own

Agony Aunt Say's Oh my Agnostic Uncle
Sign of thinking man is not the lines upon his forehead wrinkle
Agnostic is the person who agonise and suffer
Here is the simple narration about theirs complicated KUFFAR
There was group of agnostic Philosophers
They thought they are forward thinker with theirs backward philosophical KUFFARS
One day as they moved forward as the blind following the dumb
And the all fell in the ****-hole as the sheep followed by the lamb
When they found them self in ****
They started philosophical discussion even about it
They started discussing how they ended up there
And among then one who was stupid he said listen my brothers hear hear
He said oh man we know this is **** so whats there to discuss and think
Lets just get out of here or we will die in this disgusting stink
All the agnostic philosophers said shut up you backward fool
Philosophical discussion is for the forward donkey not for the believer mule
Agony Aunt Say's Oh my Agnostic Uncle
Your agonising heart will never find comfort of cubicle KABBAH
Because you are looking for it in the vicious circle

The BEAST of burden Say's oh my easy human KARM
When i asked ALLAH for the new dawn of ISLAM
For darkened creation to give the light of NURANI sign
And he said yes to him be praises in the heavens and on earth
And in the late afternoon when sun begin to decline
He gave me signs of cube and circle to say my straight saying
He gave the lines of the staff of MOSES and the bendings of the SOLOMONIC ring
The BEAST of burden Say's oh my easy human KARM
It is i the ANIMAL who hold sign of all fake DEEN and true DHARM

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