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 Soldier Boy

We read him speeches, and taught him about valor and fame,
and how to defend the glory of his country's name.

We dressed him in bright colors, with waving banners,
shiny buttons, new repeating rifles, and marched him two by two.

We sent him marching down the streets, to the sounds of the
drummer's beat and yells from the crowds, encouraging him
to win and never to accept defeat.

We sent him sailing across the oceans afar, to fight and die for
the Red, White and Blue, and…for me and you.

Oh! How quick we forget, when war is no longer a threat.

Bugler's taps…and tears of pain.
Did the Soldier Boy die in vain?

I think not…freedom is still ours to claim!

Jackie R. Kays
© 1999

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