Ponal POgattum POda

Ponal Pogattum Poda
(If it is to go , let it go)
    Poet Kannadasan
  Translated in to poem
(This poem written by one of the greatest poet in Tamil,
Has been written as a lyric to one of great pictures of
Tamil Nadu. His lyrics were mostly philosophical
riddles to the modern world and have eternal relevance.)

If it is to go, let it go,
Who has lived in this earth,
Stable for ever?
We know from where we came,
But do not know where we are going,
For we do not know the door of exit?
If all the people who came here,
Decided to stay here in this land,
Where is the place for all of us to live?
This life is but a business great,
All births are but its income,
And all deaths are but its expense.
If it is to go, let it go

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Ponal POgattum POda

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