Nallathor Veenai Seyde

Nallathor Veenai
(A good pretty lyre)
Mahakavi Bharathi
   Translated in to poem

After making a pretty Veena*,
Does any one throw it in dust?
Please tell me Oh, Goddess,
You have made me with ,
Glowing Sparks of wisdom,
Would you not give me strength,
For making my country live with a purpose?
Please tell me Oh , Goddess,
Am I to live here as its simple burden?
                           *Indian stringed musical instrument
I asked you for a body,
Which can travel as it wants like a ball,
I asked you for a mind to cut off poisonous thoughts,
I asked you for a soul which is new everyday,
I asked you for  a toungue, which would sing,
About you, even if it is burnt,
And I asked you but for a stable mind.

Is there any problem for you to grant all these?

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Nallathor Veenai Seyde

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