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Randy's strength in many

Friends I gather around
for prayers in mass to surround
A certain young fellas need
Really to have strength indeed

Mainly so when date set
Can give us something yet
I pray for friend all assemble
I ask as plea that does enable

A curve for strength to appetite
With all struggles a will to fight
Before an operation for healing
That needs strength for dealing

Strong words I summon here
For our Lord to help clear
Deep within our souls and mind
Let's see together how to find

That will make before January
A more heavy strength as many
Here I post to anyone who will
Requesting all prayers to fill

Thank you oh Lord
On this very accord
I hope all who reckon
To just take a second

I really should maybe make
A better sense to take
Why battles of illness
Just ache without stillness

Thank you for remedies
As I come to you ready
To be that word that gets out
And heard better than a shout

Randy as I barely know true
Hoping mass prayers help too
As I write this rhyming
I think abut it in timing

Sheila I hope that many
read and pass this around for strength for Randy and his transplant operation of kidneys
when time be. That he does find the appetite even without a stomach. Also too I hope he
never has to go through dialysis's again too.

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Randy`s strength in many