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Some work in a black hole that often sucks souls down the drain,
the beverages they serve often causes customers pain.
Many come to a bar just to unload,
the pains of their life in their stories are told.

Most bartenders are natural psychologists,
and philosophers too,
it's a talent they have that makes them courteous to you.
They'll listen to stories from you and from i,
watching you drink for pleasure or to die.

I have been in bars myself since i began to walk,
i can cut up with the bartender as long as i can talk.
I'll be the first one to admit,
i have drank way to much alcohol,
and into this drain many times my own soul did fall.

I have seen people do some real unintelligent things,
from the escape from reality the alcohol brings.
Some times i see people leave with another to roam,
there are times i feel for their wonderful families at home.

Yes I've seen the spirits take so much from people at times,
there's a liquid in the bottle that will torment your mind,
I have done many things in this life i must say,
but i couldn't put up with the things,
bartenders see every day.

There's always some people,
that come in with a chip on their shoulder,
they could spend time in jail as they get older.
My father was a sailor, miner, bartender and my friend,
it was  alcohol that sent his soul to the wind.

Alcohol has taken a lot from my family and me,
i have a son in jail i need to go see.
He said I'm a alcoholic and it's all your fault dad,
he's blaming me for his decisions i find it sad.

Scientifically they say it's a genetic disease,
i believe it's just a way to put some minds at ease.
In a bar you can find some interesting stories my friend,
yet there are those that repeat them again and again.

They say a drunk will say the truth,
to you most of the time,
they'll tell you exactly what they believe about
you, straight from their mind.

I have had some beautiful friends in  bars i have been in,
i believe the alcohol it's self has no true sin.
It has no more power than a gun on a shelf,
but, used irresponsibly it can cost you families and wealth.

Just a suggestion from a view of my own,
party with your friends in a bar that's like home.
Have a few cold ones and maybe some chips,
and never forget to give your "Bartender" tips.


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