Celina Adrian

30,190 poems read

"a street car"

it is said
that the only thing that matters
at the end of the day
is the day itself -
a simple verse
where syllables and seconds
are rehearsed
then forgotten
by more complicated people
like myself
and apparently her too -
we rarely spoke about good times
we often blamed each other -
past life lives
where only the sky
is expanding
cause our minds have been stuck in what we
perceive as pain
trying so hard to be free of heart aches
we forgot about joy -
I try to see
my aura
no colors radiate
but I know what engulfs me
must be really f'ucked up
right about now
cause when I look at her essence
then stare
even deeper than that
into the darkest lies
there lies
beneath the temptation of her
even darker eyes
something not so sweet
not that I can see -
and when I listen to her speak
there can be nothing
she can say to me
to justify
her need to f'uck
his desire