From my mind 
  Derrick David Henderson

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 Little Stan

Little Stan was out playing all day making a giant big snowman
Don't know how he dragged him into the house? to show him off to his Gran.
Stood Frosty in front of the fire to warm the cold away
All that was left were coal, scarf and carrot in a puddle cause he melted away.

Little Stan insisted because it was Friday he wanted fish and chips for tea
Mum looked into the fridge, not even one fish finger could she see.
In a blink of an eye Gold fish were gone, terrible little man
They were not in there bowl but swimming in the frying pan.

Little Stan was sent to the shops for milk, eggs, bread and cookie treats
When he came home with the basket it was full of chocolate and sweets.
After his bath and supper, got into bed, with pure white linen sheets
Mother shook her head with dismay how on earth he had avoided washing his feet.

Little Stan was telling fibs and stories at school just the other day
He let his imagination run away with him when at play time they were out to play
He told of a cave with swords, daggers, jewels and all that pirate kind of stuff
When they found out it was not true he was branded liar and the justice it was rough.

Little Stan was at church in the front pews with the choir on Harvest Festival day
He took a bite from each apple then turned them around when others they did pray.
Little Stan only had three pence to get into the pictures entitled him to hard wooden seats
After the picture was over he crawled on the floor eating all of those dropped sweets.

Little Stan was like every other little boy brought up in the 50's not really a bad lad
A little menace, likable rogue a little devil who sometimes made adults and parents mad
Looking back there was allot of Stan in me, making me laugh, smile, sometimes sad.
Only sad for the lost innocence of childhood and the loss of the best times I ever had.

Derrick David Henderson
4Th June 2006

A readers note…..
Even though this is just a fun little poem most of the events are true although slightly exaggerated
The Goldfish, true…..My Uncle
Harvest Festival, true My Aunty……..The rest Me!!!....:O)

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