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The voice of Delavou

I shall pen a tale about the voice of a man that I once knew.
He was small in stature, but his mind grew and grew!
He spoke to me one snowy night of things to come and things
that have past. His name was Delavou, and he would amaze even you!

Delavou's predictions were always right, he saw things that
appeared out of a bright light. Things of awe, and wonderment
from his inner sanctum of wisdom he did call.

He passed these things on to me, hoping that my mind would be
enlightened and set free.  But, I have discovered that I must not
relate Delavou's revelations for fear of condemnation from those
who would say "A nut, we have here, you see!"

The years have quickly passed, and Delavou is just dust in the wind,
but what he taught me, has given me strength to deal with the world at hand.

I shall pass this knowledge to my son, and only he will possess the power
of reasoning and logic, which will guide him through the perils of the
superstition and prejudices of his time, and the unique ability to detect
the difference between fact and fiction most of the time.

Delavou is long gone, but his genius lives on!
His knowledge still to be scorned leaves my mind forlorn.

Jackie R. Kays
© 06

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